How To Clean Your Windows – The Right Way!

Removing Streaks From Windows With A Waffle Weave Towel.
Waffle Weave Towel Taking Off All The Streaks

Cleaning windows can be one of the toughest parts of the job! It is not easy to get that crystal clear finish without any streaking or hazing if you don’t use the proper techniques. But we have nailed down the process to achieve perfect spotless windows consistently with minimal effort. There are a few different approaches depending on how contaminated the windows are. But if you follow this guide closely, struggling with streaks will be history!

Required Tools Needed-

Optional Tools Recommended-

Grade #0000 Steel Wool 

Start with a microfiber towel and window cleaner to pick up contamination.
Soft Microfiber To Pick Up The Dirt

Window Cleaning Process

-Spray Crystal Clear window cleaner directly onto the clean microfiber towel sparingly. Using too much product makes the final buffing process more difficult and increases odds of leaving streaks. 

-Use the microfiber towel to scrub the windows in STRAIGHT LINE motions up and down to pick up the dirt.

-Use the waffle weave towel to buff off the streaks (up and down lines). 

Finish with a waffle weave to remove excess product and streaking.
Waffle Weave To Buff Away Streaking

-Your exterior glass should be SPOTLESS

-Repeat this process on all of the glass. 

-When cleaning the interior glass use SIDE TO SIDE motions in case there is any streaking. After finishing, you will quickly identify if streaks are on the inside, or outside, of the glass due to the direction of the streak lines. 

If the glass does not feel smooth or is heavily contaminated with tree sap, overspray or harsh residues – spray Crystal Clear on a piece of steel wool and attack the contamination directly with the steel wool, rub as hard as needed. DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR PAINT, IT WILL SCRATCH. 

Pro Tip:

When your glass is professionally ceramic coated, maintaining them becomes significantly easier. We have found that the windows are often spotless after normal washing without needing any of these additional window cleaning steps- unless the vehicle is heavily contaminated.

Ceramic Coating Going On An Applicator.
Ceramic Pro Glass Coating
Applying Ceramic Coating To Windshield.
Ceramic Pro Glass Application

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