Ceramic Coating VS Paint Protection Film

991.2 GT2RS Full Car Paint Protection Film + Ceramic Pro; 488 Pista Full Car Paint Protection Film

Both Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating protect your vehicle, BUT what they protect against contrasts significantly. What most people do not immediately realize, is that you can have BOTH. We HIGHLY recommend this as the ultimate solution. 

Ceramic Coating


Hand Applying Ceramic Pro
  • Hydrophobic Surface
  • Increases Gloss
  • Increases Chemical Resistance
  • Some UV Protection
  • Hardens Clear Coat (Only 9H coatings)

What is Ceramic Coating?

All Ceramic Coatings are NOT equal. Even with our Ceramic Pro packages, different tiers utilize different products varying in their respective levels of protections. But ALL ceramic coatings will make your vehicle hydrophobic, shiny, easy to wash and provide some UV protection.

With Ceramic Pro Silver package and higher, the flagship “9H” product is utilized. This 9H coating is literally a hard ceramic glass. This glass shield increases in durability and protection as it is stacked onto the surface. The 9H coating will increase chemical resistance, last longer and give your vehicle more of a ‘plated’ shiny effect. As the 9H is layered, the benefit are an increased sacrificial barrier effect and more chemical resistance as well as more gloss. When the Ceramic Pro 9H is stacked 4x, not only does the coating last for LIFE, it is 3x harder than OEM clear coat! Thus providing some scratch resistance. However, given how soft clear coat is to begin with – you CAN still scratch and swirl mark when not correctly handling the clear coat surface.

You can also still get rock chips and thats where Paint Protection Film comes into play. 

Paint Protection Film


Paint Protection Film Is A MUST For Carbon
  • Sacrificial Barrier
  • Extremely Durable
  • Prevents Impact Damage
  • Limits UV Damage

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (aka Clear Bra or PPF) is a thick and extremely durable plastic layer that virtually makes your vehicle invulnerable to surface level damage including scratches, chemical damage, highway debris, low speed impacts and rock chips. One of the coolest features of PPF is the self healing capabilities for superficial scratching. If you need to wipe down part of the film to remove debris and ultimately micro scratch the surface – the film can regenerate and heal itself! Kavaca paint protection film, by Ceramic Pro, accomplishes this at room temperature while other films need 85degrees+ heat on the surface and some do not do this at all.

With proper installation, PPF is INVISIBLE to the naked eye. The edges get tucked, emblems get removed and there are no seams or lines to see. This way the vehicle retains its original factory aesthetics while maintaining the ultimate form of protection.

Most modern films come with a 10+year manufacturer warranty that include excessive yellow, bubbling, cracking or any other kind of general film failure. Wrapping your full car in PPF is THE BEST WAY to protect your factory paint job.

Vinyl Wrap?

Formerly, clear bra was only offered in the clear option with no variation. Now manufacturers offer a frosted ‘stealth’ version that will turn your factory gloss paint appear to be a satin / matte finish. Even more recently, manufactures have been offering colored variants such as black, red or yellow. So now you can actually protect your vehicle while changing up the look. You may be thinking, vinyl wrap already does this – no it does not.

Vinyl wrap is a thin cheap film that does NOT stop rock chips and impact damage and is not durable against UV damage. Vinyl actually quickly begins to break down from sun damage and lose its integrity causing the adhesive to start separating from the film and starting binding to the clear coat and actually cause permanent paint damage. What if you want to change the color to an option only available in vinyl wrap? Wrap the car in paint protection film FIRST then wrap the vinyl wrap on top of the PPF. 

Paint Protection Film + Ceramic Coating 

The epitome of vehicle protection technology. We know the paint protection film is a skin that makes the vehicle nearly invulnerable and that ceramic coating makes the vehicle shiny, easy to wash and chemical resistant. When you apply the paint protection film first, then apply ceramic coating on top of the film – you get the best of both worlds. The ceramic coating will help add chemical resistance to the film, make it more shiny and easier to clean. At the end of the day, the PPF is a durable thick plastic layer, adding ceramic coating on top of the film keeps the film looking fresher, cleaner, longer. Full car paint protection film will help retain a PERFECT finish for the life of your ownership and is highly recommended by any professional detailer. 

991.2 GT2RS Full Car PPF + Ceramic Pro

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