2 hrs 30 min | $200 Required prep for Ceramic Coating and PPF

Highly contaminated surfaces may require additional fees

Services included are:

  • From Bath Hand Wash (x4 During Decontamination Process).
  • Fallout Remover On Paintwork (Recommended Annually).
  • Thorough Clay Bar (Recommended Annually).
  • Wheel IronX.
  • Tire Scrub & Tire Shine.
  • Interior Vacuum & Dust Removal.
  • Door Jam Cleaning.
  • Sonax Paint Sealant.
  • (Optional) Air Freshener.

We have additional services you can opt in for upon arrival including, but not limited to Ceramic Coating, Leather Conditioner, Steam Cleaning, Stain Removal, Scratch Removal etc… for additional cost.

***Trucks & Full Size SUV +$50